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Le Clique is an entertainment company created by one of America’s Premier Party Planners – Stu Feinstein. They can be booked separately or as a Dynamic Duo.

Le Clique has pioneered and perfected interactive theatrics in special events, and is the top interactive entertainment company in the industry today. Your guests will be talking about the fun they had at your party for months. See Rave Reviews.

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Le Clique is composed of actors, dancers, musicians, performance artists, lighting designers, choreographers and a limitless array of production specialists. All are professionals who understand the art, magic and purpose of their role in the event.

Nothing is by accident. We develop a game plan detailed down to the exact timing and format. It’s living theater at its best. When we control the pacing and coordinate all the elements there exists a wondrous synthesis of sight and sound. Guests are engaged and enthralled, becoming willing participants in absolute party magic!

Every event Le Clique creates is unique. Always the goal is to exceed the expectations of the client.

Our repertory company weaves its way through an event with effortless grace dazzling onlookers and stimulating guest involvement. Over a period of 3 - 4 hours ensemble members break down the walls of traditional expectations and achieve a happening of fun. It’s street theater for the jet set, a circus for socialites.

Pary Planner / Event Planner Miami - Young Lady and Clown at party planner Stu Feinstein's partyEach event, no matter its size or purpose, is the product of a penetrating game plan, disciplined coordination and impeccable execution. Our events combine sophistication, participation, fun and fantasy. When the elements are harnessed properly guests become the "stars" and there exists a beautiful joy...Truly Magical...Truly Memorable!
It is fantasy made real.

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You invite the guests, Le Clique will dazzle them!

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