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In the late 70’s a young couple walked into New York City with a homemade business card, a dream and the spirit of the pioneers. They made history! Stu and Marlene Feinstein began an incredible journey with their company Le Clique.

Czars of the NightParty Planner Miami - Marlene and Stu Feinstein of Le Clique Entertainment

From 1977-1979 Le Clique staged the most outrageous parties the NYC club scene had ever experienced and New Yorkers lined up to become part of this moveable feast of fantasy. By the end of 1979, well over 100,000 party animals made up the strongest, strangest and most potent nomadic party machine that had ever been created.

The press tagged Stu as “The Merchant of Fantasy” and when Playboy did its two pictorial features on the Disco Revolution, one was Studio 54 and the other was Le Clique.

“Only those of us who lived through that era really understand how wild it was,” comments Stu. “It was another time. Perhaps as all moments in time, it marked the beginning of what was to become the roaring 80’s.” Le Clique broke the private party market wide open to become a household word and continues to this day as one of the premier companies for those who want to create a fabulous party.

One can only imagine the impact that Le Clique stimulated as parties became more like movies . . . Actors . . . Actresses . . . Dancers . . . Vivid Costumes . . . Inventive Music . . . Customized Lighting and Special Effects. A new synthesis was born and parties were altered forever.

When the International Special Events Society honored Stu as “Pioneer of the 80’s” it was a fitting tribute to a man whose ideas literally transformed the party industry. Now as the owner of several successful companies, Stu is recognized as the Godfather of Interactive Thematic Design and Production.

As Stu says, “Staging great parties is what we do best. Fantasy is serious business. It’s about imagination, vision, discipline and fun. I surround myself with terrific staff and together we make dreams come true!” In the late 70’s a young couple walked into NYC with a homemade business card, a dream and the spirit of pioneers . . . They became “Czars of the Night” . . .

When I asked Stu, “How’s business?”, his eyes lit up and he smiled. “It’s been great. Our pace and diversity of projects has been amazing! The Beaux Arts Ball for NJH in Denver is being hailed as the party of the year. ‘April in Paris’ at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City for the AtlantiCare Foundation... a real gem! Weddings, house parties, anniversary celebrations and hot Bar and Bat Mitzvahs... I love the mix! You never get bored and the challenge to be a great party planner and coordinator drives Le Clique to get better and better.”

“The beauty of Le Clique is that we are a concept that can alter and reinvent itself over and over. We are always on the hunt for new dimensions of talent and we study the market. An idea might be hot for a season or two but the key is never to stand still. At this point we have a potent global network of party planning and coordinating resources and associations so that the options we can present to a client are limitless. It’s all about imagination, creativity and pushing the edge of what’s possible."

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Celebrity Heads

Miami Party Planner / Event Planner

Celebrity Heads is a unique dimension of instant and sophisticated fun with universal appeal. Celebrity Heads are perfect for any kind of special event or promotion. These larger-than-life, one-of-a-kind lightweight replicas of famous people can easily be worn by almost anyone. Celebrity Heads can be rented on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Please click here to visit their website. We also offer training and consultant services to our clients so that they may maximize the potential of this novel concept.

We have over 60 models of Celebrity Heads to choose from but we are always in production and the customization and manufacture of a desired “head” can be arranged.

Celebrity Heads maintains a growing global client roster and has brought joy to people for well over 20 years. Although the business base of the company is about rentals, we incorporate their utilization at many special events that are staged by Le Clique, The Gordian Group and other top production companies.

When attendees see the likes of George Bush, Elizabeth Taylor and Woody Allen checking out the buffet or dancing with guests, the flashbulbs explode with magical and memorable photo opportunities. Celebrity Heads are normally worn by actors, actresses or models to stimulate instant fantasy. We can provide these performers for individuals or companies that require this assistance.

“We have always had a lot of fun with Celebrity Heads,” says Stu . . . “People love celebrities and we believe that they bring joy to a world in turmoil. We’ve touched just about every kind of special event. Barry Manilow utilized a dozen heads for a New Year’s Eve Vegas show, the Indy 500 used several and we even created Bill and Hillary Clinton for their Inaugural festivities. The heads always score a hit whether it’s a charity or corporate gala, tradeshow or a golf tournament. They’re magic!

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You invite the guests, Le Clique will dazzle them!