FAQ's – Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Le Clique cost?Party Planner Miami - Guests having fun

There is no set pricing structure for Le Clique. The eventual cost is based on many elements such as: pre-event planning and production, administrative services, size of ensemble, theatrical applications, duration of event, location, etc.

Usually budget guidelines are developed rapidly based on our enormous experience and a cost effective business philosophy of economic sanity.

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What determines the size of a Le Clique ensemble for a specific event?

A careful analysis is conducted for a client as to what Le Clique suggests would be the best application of personnel. This analysis is based on event concept and client expectation. We paint a vivid picture of what is possible and since our clients are part of the decision-making process, final decisions are a product of mutual understanding. The key variables are always artistic demands, budget and trust.

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What makes Le Clique better than its competitors?

There is something special about the soul of an originator. Le Clique maintains enormous pride and a relentless pursuit of creative excellence. Le Clique is always evolving and never stands still. Competitors can only copy where Le Clique has been but not where it is going. The standards of performance and personnel are the highest in the industry. No other company has the experience and success that Le Clique represents. It’s about quality and an uncompromising drive to be the best.

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Is Le Clique suited for any kind of event?

The answer is yes! The evidence is simply in the nature of what we have accomplished for 25 years. Le Clique customizes its application on a project to project basis. We certainly approach a wedding differently from a corporate gala but the bottom line is that a party is a party! If someone wants to stage a great party, then Le Clique can always suggest an intelligent, appropriate and potent utilization of its services.

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Does Le Clique only provide theatrical entertainment?

The hallmark of our success is theatrics but in the vast majority of events we also provide music and lighting. We believe that a fusion of the elements of sight and sound are crucial. If we can coordinate and orchestrate these elements then it allows us to control the mood and pacing of the entire event. The result of this synthesis is potent and cohesive.

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You invite the guests, Le Clique will dazzle them!